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New Profile Posts

  1. kareneff
    kareneff DAVE&JEN
    Hi Dave and Jen, hope we can meet up. We fly home on Mon 25th, haven't got much planned for our last week so let me know if there's sometime we could meet that week x
  2. Disney Duckling
    Disney Duckling
    I'd rather be in Disney World!
  3. angclare
    Just booked for January 2017!!!
  4. Disney Duck
  5. gutfa
    Wife has wanderlust but I keep steering her back to Florida!
  6. Disney Duck
    Disney Duck
    Disney nut from South Wales
  7. Hamm
    Enjoying the new forum!!
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  8. jenster5
    Hi pam, it was lovely that you were concerned ive spoken to gerry and he sounds a very genuine person, he is sending the tickets by registered post aand when I get them I am to register them with disney, only when im happy that they are genuine, I can send him a checque, cant ask for more than that.
    BAYCAS jenster5
    Sorry. Missed your reply. My inbox was full . PAM
  10. jenster5
    jenster5 BAYCAS
    Baycas ive pm'd you but you need to empty your box
  11. BAYCAS
    BAYCAS jenster5
    Hi Jen. Just catching upon the thread about the tickets. Just wondering if the family holiday has to be cancelled why only 1 set of tickets on offer?? Is it a DOFOR who has changed names or a new person on here?
  12. gerrysx13
    Hello, anyone require spare attraction tickets? I have a complete set no longer required.
  13. BAYCAS
    BAYCAS jenster5
  14. oxo
    oxo MikeinCornwall
    Hi and welcome to doing Florida
  15. al the mot man
    al the mot man kevinbutts1
    Hi kev our other forum has been lost ghosty has a new one, the regulars are looking for you it's web page is. http://fftf.forumotion.co.uk/
    Hope to see you there soon (I think you have to register before you can get on)
  16. oxo
    oxo Floridamad
    I spy you come on have a chat with us mad dofors we not bite
  17. oxo
    oxo Maleeka
    Welcome to doing florida
  18. Justice Socks
    Justice Socks marvin
    Welcome to DoingFlorida.:)
  19. Lee Buckley
  20. Justice Socks
    Justice Socks Barbara

    Welcome to Doingflorida. :)