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6365 Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway

Discussion in 'Accomodation away from the Resorts' started by Princess4lyf, May 19, 2012.

  1. Princess4lyf

    Princess4lyf New Member

    We are due to fly out in 4 weeks time and are staying at a villa 6365 Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway. Does anyone know what time the check in point for getting the keys shuts? Has anyone else stayed in this area before?
  2. tinklancs

    tinklancs Well-Known Member

    Isn't this the 192? If so, just need to work out exactly where it is! :D Looked it up on google maps. It's near the junction with I4 and not far from Windsor Hills. Anyone who has stayed at Windsor Hills should be able to help you Abbie. We've always been a bit further down the 192!
    Last edited: May 19, 2012
  3. Muppet fan

    Muppet fan Member

    They are usually open until around 9pm, they will give you maps and directions to your villa. You can hire a sat nav with your car, it does make life a bit easier over there! Have an amazing time, hope you share your trippies!
  4. magic

    magic Active Member

    Is this West or East ~ Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (my guess would be West). If so No 6365 is on SR 192 opposite one of the entry roads into Celebration. NOT close to Windsor Hills.
    What area is the villa located ?
    We are at our house at the moment, what is the name of the Management place that you have to collect the keys etc from ?
    They should have given you directions to their offices.
    Are you going there to collect the key and address of the villa you’ve rented ? You need to ask them what their office hours are. Many are manned until 8pm (some later) but there are many that only keep office hours (9 – 5). You should ask them what the arrangements are for ‘out of hours’ collection ~ e.g. if your flight gets delayed.
    We know that our Management Company have ‘out of hours’ arrangements.

    BAYCAS New Member

    The Villa we just stayed in had a keypad on the door and we gave the owner the code number we wanted to use. it was set to that for our arrival. Have they said you have to collect an actual key?
  6. tinklancs

    tinklancs Well-Known Member

    Sorry - was just looking at a map and it looked relatively near Windsor Hills!! Should have known better than to trust my map reading!!! :D
  7. Princess4lyf

    Princess4lyf New Member

    Stuart posted that- I have some info in my email. It says they are open until Midnight and that its through HotelBeds USA.. We have a Sat Nav with the Hire Car so fingers crossed Stu will still get us there lol!! Thanks for all your help.. Has anyone ever stayed there before? xXx
  8. disney sharon

    disney sharon DoingFlorida Associate

    We have a Sat Nav with the Hire Car so fingers crossed Stu will still get us there lol!!

    I hope so as he's never driven on the "wrong side of the road before" lol. :D
  9. Princess4lyf

    Princess4lyf New Member

    He has done.. Just not intentially, when he has been paying more attention to his phone then the road lol x
  10. magic

    magic Active Member

    HotelBeds ~ if you come down Interstate 4 to junction 64 and take the 192 EAST exit ramp, then you need to turn LEFT about ½ mile after you join SR 192.
    Hotel Beds is in that complex ~ I guess they will provide you with a map / directions to the villa. We have never collected any keys ‘locally’ but we know that some companies operate that system.
    Have a great holiday.
    By the way, it was clear blue skies and 92 degs here today ~ perfect day to relax and swim in the pool ~ oh, that’s exactly what we did !!!
  11. magic

    magic Active Member

    Google Earth shows Windsor Hills right next to Hotel Beds ~ in reality Windsor Hills is about 4 miles to the West of the Hotel Beds place ~ so it's not your map reading that's the problem.

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