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bahama bay resort

Discussion in 'Accomodation away from the Resorts' started by jenster5, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    has anyone stayed here recently, i checked out some old posts and saw 1lauren had and js was going to but changed his mind.etc, just been offered a fairly good deal at travel agents but would like real feedback:)
  2. saintmark

    saintmark New Member

    We stayed here last August.

    We refused to accept the first apartment as some of the furnishings were really worn out, there were holes in the sofa covers exposing the foam lining.

    Reception really helpful & immediately swapped us to a new apartment.

    Good location between the 192 & I27.

    You will need a car to visit the restaurants on the 192 though.

    Overall 7 out of 10

    BAYCAS New Member

    Haven't stayed but past it going to and from our villa. It was a bit too far out for me, but I hate being stuck in the car in traffic
  4. happydays

    happydays New Member

    This is the only place we have stayed so ask away.

    Last year there were a few niggles, a leaky AC grill in the lounge area, but it was July so excused it. It did feel a bit..odd..only way to describe it on the chairs, might have been dirt, might have been damp, I couldnt work it out. But as I say, the weather is humid and hot, we were out most days all day so that could explain it.

    Some flats are a bit grubby now, I check Trip Advisor regularly, but they do move you if you are really unhappy.

    The distance is something we like, it is nice to escape the hustle and bustle and see the lake and the grounds, it is very well looked after.

    We have discovered a few shortcuts, the satnav directs us around the back for Animal Kingdom. Traffic, yes, we do see it but it never causes us problems, it is America, there are a lot of people there :D

    If I could go away now, I would still book BB, Mika gets his own room and bathroom, it is fully fitted out in the kitchen, it is relaxing and bigger and better than our house :)
  5. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    thanks for those honest comments, from what i see its basically lovely but a bit shabby unless you get a good appt. according to the reviews on tripadvisor most people say get a 3rd floor room to avoid the noise too. i think the distance to parks is ok as we will have a car
  6. happydays

    happydays New Member

    Yes, the noise. It can be annoying, I do get a bit snippy. But when you hear the man of the house in the morning in the bathroom, it has it's comedic moments haha

    No lifts, so you will be walking up the stairs after a long day and firsttime you arrive with your suitcase. So I quite liked the ground floor the last couple of times.

    The pizzas and wings in the resturant are worth going for. I never eat chicken skin, these ones though were habit forming.

    I wouldnt say shabby as such, used is probably the best word. But good condos are beautiful. Huge showers, corner baths in some that are so deep you have to be careful if you snooze off :D

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