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Cassie Christmas 2017...day 8..Epcot

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Cassie, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Cassie

    Cassie Well-Known Member

    We lie in until 7.30am this morning and we are off to Epcot. Another cool day ahead but quite sunny. We come across an accident near Old Lake Wilson Road which stalls us for about 40 minutes....as we were driving on the road, the emergency vehicles were on their way but they were driving at speed on totally the wrong side of the road which was quite scary.
    Shortly after entering the park our first fastpass is active for Spaceship Earth. As we get to the scanners, a guy and his son have waited in the wrong line...they need Mission Space and he takes it out on the poor CM. Dame Judy talks us through the ride and we have fun watching our little video at the end. Dave then has a couple of turns on one of the video games.
    Lines are too long to meet the characters much to my dismay.

    We head for our next fastpass which is Soarin’ Around the World. I much prefer this version to Over California. Love the elephants and killer whales.

    We can head straight to our third fastpass on Living With the Land. We actually quite like this ride. Standby is 70 minutes.
    We have a small salad each at the Seasons Foodcourt...saving ourselves for Chefs du France later. So, lunchtime and all of our fastpasses are done so we look to see if we can get anything else for later.
    We get the Seas with Nemo fastpass for in 5 minutes so we go for it. We are now in the aquarium where two manatee are having a lot of fun! Never seen them move so quick.

    We head over to Mexico as Dave loves the Mariachi band. It’s a different group today but they are really good. The are singing songs from the new Disney movie - Coco. Haven’t seen the movie but the songs were pretty cool.
    It’s actually warmed up nicely outside today but it will probably cool down after dark. Illuminations isn’t on until 10.30pm tonight so we will see how we feel later as this is our least favourite firework show.

    One of my must not miss entertainment at Epcot is Voices of Liberty so we head over to the USA for their last performance of today.
    We go back over for Sergio. After about ten minutes Dave asks if I got the time right. I check. Right time....I haven’t even got the right day! So, we look in the shops while we are in Italy and have a laugh doing selfies.

    We catch most of the Chinese dancing dragon act which we’ve not seen before. Usually we watch the acrobats.

    We find our way back to USA and the start of the first Candlelight Processional. We don’t have seats. We stand at the back. I don’t even k ow who the narrator was.

    Time for dinner at Chefs du France. I have the fixed menu of onion soup, beef borginion and apple tart for $39.99. The meal was okay for me but nothing g special.

    After dinner we go and check out the shops in the UK and play the “how much?” game. Small pack of Quality Street chocolates....£2 from Asda, $20 plus tax from the UK pavilion. We love guessing the prices in here.

    British In Asian are about to start so we go and sit on a bench. This is when I start to feel ill and shiver uncontrollably. Thanks Dave, you have been so generous and shared your bug. I cuddle into Dave and put his hoody on while we watch the band. We then decide to get me back to the villa and an early night....no waiting until 10.30pm for Illuminations.
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  2. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    A lovely day but what a shame that you felt ill at the end of it. Fancy that man being in the wrong line for mission space surely he could read the name of the ride on the outside .I bet he was mad but no need to take it out on the CM. Love the pic from nemo so colourful
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  3. Disney Duck

    Disney Duck Well-Known Member

    Another great day, I love the Mariachi band could listen to them all day. I hope you had your tissues handy with Voices of Liberty. I can tell you and Dave love each other very much but have you told him he doesn't have to share everything.;)
  4. Cassie

    Cassie Well-Known Member

    Lol....what can I say, he is a sharer
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  5. winnie72

    winnie72 Well-Known Member

    Strange how some people think it's ok to take their mistakes out on the CMs. I went on soarin twice this year (I don't usually go on as I don't like heights) first time was ok as we were in the 3rd row second time we were in the front row but I wasn't as keen on it. Shame you started to feel unwell
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    DAVE&JEN Well-Known Member

    I feel sorry for the CM there’s no excuse to take it out on them for his mistake. We love the soaring rise it’s one of our favourites. Loving the photos again. Sounds like a great day until the end shame that you started to feel ill, hope it soon passes.
  7. Cassie

    Cassie Well-Known Member

    Still ill....both of us. I went into work today with no voice at all
  8. kareneff

    kareneff Well-Known Member

    Ha, we play the same game in the UK shops too!
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