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Fatal crash at Disney's Richard Petty Driving Experience

Discussion in 'News & Rumours' started by Hamm, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Hamm

    Hamm DoingFlorida Associate Staff Member

    "a passenger in a Lamborghini at the Richard Petty Driving Experience died on Sunday when the exotic sports car lost control and crashed. The Richard Petty Driving Experience is located at the Walt Disney World Speedway ...."

    Sad news and shows nothing is totally safe, even at Disney (full story)
  2. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    Nasty, I thought this had closed.....did I dream that ?
  3. Justice Socks

    Justice Socks DoingFlorida Associate

    .The Richard Petty Driving Experience and the Exotic Driving Experience at Walt Disney World will close in late June to make way for transportation improvements.

    Maybe before that now.
  4. Jack

    Jack Well-Known Member

    very sad

    DAVE&JEN Well-Known Member

    just looked at the channel 13 report ,the passenger killed was the instructor , a local from Kissimmee was driving.
  6. Hamm

    Hamm DoingFlorida Associate Staff Member

    It has been closed since the accident but was due to open May 1st but that has been cancelled and rumour is it won't re-open at all

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