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Hi all.Newbie asking for help.

Discussion in 'Disney Accommodation' started by Floridamad, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Floridamad

    Floridamad New Member

    Hi everyone.I've been a long time lurker and have used this forum for help on previous trips to the best place on earth.Now i am looking to stay in a disney hotel for the first time.However my searches are finding rooms mostly with 2 queen beds.As i have a son and a daughter,10 and 5 respectively i dont want them sharing a bed as it will be a nightmare.Are there hotels with separate beds available to view online or should i just phone?Looking to go Christmas time and spend upto £6000,hopefully including tickets.Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
  2. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    Hi floridamad how lovely to have a new member, its a while since we had a new face, ive stayed at fort wilderness campground its a log cabin with a double bed in 1 room, bunks in the other and a pull out double sofa in the living room, its a disney resort, not sure on the price tho, one of the new value resorts have family suites, think its the art of animation but not sure, does it have to be disney or just close by? We always go out of season so think yoj maybe pushed to go at xmas for that price,
  3. AndyG1011

    AndyG1011 Member

    Most of the Disney hotels have rooms with bunk beds if you request them, we have used this option twice so far :D
  4. Justice Socks

    Justice Socks DoingFlorida Associate


    We've never stayed in a Disney hotel so I can't help you there. Are you booking your flight and room individually? If not pop in to your local travel agent and let them sort it out for you.
  5. janeyliz

    janeyliz Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard Floridamad , try Virgin or the other holiday companies at the travel agents as JS said as these hotel rooms are all different in layout:)
  6. Jack

    Jack Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome.
    the suites at art of animation look very nice and would solve the bed problem.
  7. tinklancs

    tinklancs Well-Known Member

    Welcome from me too! The Art of Animation resort would probably be your best bet. If I remember rightly [and folk on here will tell you about my memory problem!!] the dining table converts into a bed! and its a Value Resort. :D The people on the freephone number are really helpful so it might be worth giving them a call.
  8. kevinbutts1

    kevinbutts1 DoingFlorida Associate

    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
  9. Floridamad

    Floridamad New Member

    Thanks for the welcome and the replies.Going to look into it at the weekend.Thanks again all.
  10. Floridamad

    Floridamad New Member

    Hi everyone.After visiting friends yesterday our plans have completely changed.We are now going with them in May..........2015!!!:eek:.Thats quite a delay but it will be worth it.It does mean that we won't be staying on site though,which im a little gutted about.We may be able to stay for a few days when we first get there,but we will have to see.Thanks again for all your help.We now have some serious planning to do.
  11. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    Its a long way off but will soon come round, stay on here with us and enjoy everyone elses trippys till then.
  12. oxo

    oxo DoingFlorida Associate

    Welcome floridamad the wait will be worth it
  13. oxo

    oxo DoingFlorida Associate

    Just found this post again and look how it's come around 12months away now haven't seen florida mad on here since then

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