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Jan 05 - Long running Epcot show to close next month

Discussion in 'DoingFlorida News' started by DoingFlorida News, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. DoingFlorida News

    DoingFlorida News Administrator Staff Member

    The Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable show in Epcot’s The Land will be closing for good next month. Guests will be able to see the long running show for the final time on February 3rd. No new show will be replacing it for now.

    The Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable is a 20-minute widescreen film about conservation, with color commentary from the stars of Walt Disney’s The Lion King. It features a magical mix of animation and live action. Presented in stunning 70mm footage shot in over 30 countries, this panoramic film provides a wonderful opportunity to introduce youngsters to the concept of eco kindness.

    circle of life.png
  2. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    Hope they replace it with something. Ellen has gone and the body pavilion next to is is gone. It's starting to look like DHS.
    Funny but when they take things away .ticket prices don't go down .....hmmm

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