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March 02 - Disney Springs’ new Water Tower installed

Discussion in 'DoingFlorida News' started by DoingFlorida News, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. DoingFlorida News

    DoingFlorida News Administrator Staff Member

    As construction on Disney Springs continues, the recent installation of a new signature water tower marked a milestone in the overall transformation of the dining, shopping and entertainment district at Walt Disney World Resort. The water tower will serve as the new marquee for Disney Springs and welcome guests as part of the property’s entrance gateway.

    Water Tower Disney Springs.jpeg

  2. Jack

    Jack Well-Known Member

    Tower looks cool :cool:
  3. Cassie

    Cassie Well-Known Member

    Was kinda hoping they would use the water tower from DHS
  4. disneydaft

    disneydaft Well-Known Member

    That was the rumour when they removed it. Shame.
  5. Disney Duck

    Disney Duck Well-Known Member

    It is a shame they have taken the tower from DHS, great we can still see it.
  6. Disney Duckling

    Disney Duckling Well-Known Member

    Looks good and really authentic. :)

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