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Oct 05 - Could a new talking Minnie Mouse & Donald Duck be coming to Disney parks?

Discussion in 'DoingFlorida News' started by DoingFlorida News, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. DoingFlorida News

    DoingFlorida News Administrator Staff Member

    Last week guests visiting Disney California Adventure Park in Disneyland were able to take part in a unique meet and greet with Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck. Instead of just standing next to the characters and having a photograph taken guests were able to have a two way conversation with each character. At the moment this was just a test run so Imagineering could see how the characters interacted with guests and see how the experience could be improved.

    The way the characters spoke to guests was very similar to how the meet-and-greet works when meeting Mickey at the Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. This Mickey meet and greet has proved popular with guests since opening in 2011. It’s not been announced if any of the new talking characters will be coming to Walt Disney World any time soon but if testing goes well they may well be seen at the parks talking with guests.


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