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Sheldon at Madame Tussauds

Discussion in 'News & Rumours' started by Hamm, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Hamm

    Hamm DoingFlorida Associate Staff Member

    Not a big fan of Madame Tussauds but they do look to be having some good waxworks there. Sheldon form Big Bang Theory will be one, I could be tempted, love that program!
  2. Justice Socks

    Justice Socks DoingFlorida Associate

    Another one I don't know.:confused:

    I suppose I ought to turn the telly on every now and again.
  3. disney sharon

    disney sharon DoingFlorida Associate

    I don't know him either :oops:
  4. Jack

    Jack Well-Known Member

    We like big bang theory ! :)
  5. kareneff

    kareneff Well-Known Member

    My son's a fan of the Big Bang theory, that's the only way I knew who he was ;)

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