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the 2013 dofors bbq quiz

Discussion in 'Picture Competitions' started by jenster5, May 19, 2013.

  1. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    here is the quiz which i comprised for the bbq, i tried it out on geoff, and my friends sally chris and maggie, they didnt do too well, i thought maybe it was too hard, but i knew a lot of the answers without looking them up, so i figured the dofors would be fine, im not telling what the score was that won, ( not yet anyway ) but i will say that deb who worked in epcot for a year was beaten by tracyjo and nigel, by 1/2 point, as were 2 other couples who had the same score.

    theres 40 questions, 1 point each and 10 bonus points at the end, Q21 i will accept 1 of 2 answers, as the answer that i have, i believe to be wrong. there is to be no cheating, no reference books, no google etc, you must pretend that you were here last night doing this "live" my answers are final, if any are wrong i apologise but thats what i researched


    1...MCO is our favourite airport but what does MCO officially stand for ?

    2...MCO also has another jokey meaning, what is this?

    3....what is the name of the hotel inside the foyer at MCO?

    4...what was the first airline to provide commercial flights into MCO?

    5...where can you get refreshments on tom sawyer island?

    6...what is the name of the first drop on splash mountain?

    7...at the end of its a small world, how many languages is goodbye written in?

    8...in epcot what is the only country that doesnt light up in illuminations?

    9...what is the back entrance to epcot called?

    10...what was innoventions originally called?

    11...why is the tower of terror only 199 feet high?

    12...what is the name of the record company in rock n roller coaster?

    13...what is the name of the company on the tanker in catastrophe canyon?

    14...on echo lake , what is the name of the ice cream kiosk?

    15...how many acres does AK cover?

    16...pangani exploration trail was originally called what?

    17...what was the original name of dinosaur the ride?

    18...what is a group of killer whales known as ?

    19...the show called odyssea can be found in which theatre?

    20...how many people can each train on kraken hold?

    21..what is the name of the road where seaworld entrance is situated ( i will accept 1 of 2 answers )

    22...in twister who provides the commentary for the show?

    23...in WWOHP duelling dragons roller coaster was called fire and ice, what is it called now?

    24...where is home for E.T?

    25...what is the top speed for rip ride rockitt?

    26...which attraction caught fire in IOA in 2011?

    27...what is the wooden roller coaster in busch gardens called?

    28...what is the ride called in busch gardens where you can stand on the bridge and get soaked?

    29...in which area of busch gardens would you find montu roller coaster?

    30...name the water slide in wet n wild where you fall out of a trap door?

    31...whats the main kids area in aquatica called?

    32...blizzard beach has a 120 foot drop waterslide, whats it called?

    33...where can you snorkel in typhoon lagoon?

    34...what is the name of the bus with a smiley face on I drive?

    35...where can you get free chocolate?

    36...what is the name of the cirque du soleil show in disneys westside?

    37...which shopping mall is the most expensive and exclusive in orlando?

    38...driving south from miami which is the first of the florida keys?

    39...what is the basketball team in orlando called?

    40...kissimmee highway 192 is also called what?

    10 bonus points if you can write the little 4 line poem in its entirety that you can find on little pieces of driftwood along the road into typhoon lagoon

    enjoy, i'll give you a couple of days for everyone to see this and have a go
  2. Jack

    Jack Well-Known Member

    1/ something , something , orlando
    2/ dunno
    3/ dunno
    4/ British Airways ?
    5/ dunno
    6/ dunno
    7/ 20
    8/ Norway
    9/ dunno
    10/ dunno
    11/ Health & safety lightening requirements ?
    12/ dunno
    13/ Acme ?
    14/ dunno
    15/ Loads
    16/ dunno
    17/ dunno
    18/ a pod
    19/ dunno
    20/ 32
    21/ dunno
    22/ Helen Hunt
    23/ Cant remember
    24/ dunno
    25/ 60 mph
    26/ spiderman ?
    27/ Gwazi
    28/ Sheikra
    29/ Egypt
    30/ dunno never been
    31/ dunno
    32/ Summit plummit
    33/ The ray pool ?
    34/ I-Ride trolly
    35/ Epcot ?
    36/ something beginning with "N"
    37/ Millenia mall
    38/ dunno
    39/ Orlando Magic
    40/ dunno
    and a big fat bonus dunno :)
    Last edited: May 19, 2013
  3. tinklancs

    tinklancs Well-Known Member

    I did this quiz last night and I still can't answer most of the questions!! :confused:
  4. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    jack you got 8, plus 2 x 1/2 point = 9 but you were very close on a couple of others :)
  5. winnie1373

    winnie1373 Member

    Jack you got the same score as me and I was there.
  6. Jack

    Jack Well-Known Member

    Thanks for marking my work jen.
    It is a very tough quiz and i played by the rules.
    looking forward to learning something when the answers are revealed. :)
  7. mystic100

    mystic100 Active Member

    The road that runs outside (frount) of seaworld is called sea harbor drive jen and the actual car park area (internal kind of roads around the park entrances/exit roads and staff roads ) is called sea world drive is that were u were gettin mixed up?
  8. disneydaft

    disneydaft Well-Known Member

    This is really hard. You think you know lots then realise there are huge gaps in your knowledge. Here goes

    1. McCoy
    3. Hyatt
    7. 22?
    8. China
    9. International Gateway
    11. Structures over 200 feet have to have a warning beacon on top and it was felt this would spoil the look of the attraction so they kept it just under.
    17. Countdown to Extinction
    21. Seaworld Drive
    27. Gwazi
    34. I-ride Trolley
    35. Girardelli's
    36. La Nouba
    37. Mall at Millenia
    39. Orlando Magic
    40. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway
  9. mystic100

    mystic100 Active Member

    1- McCoy Air Force Base
    2- Mickey's Corporate Office
    3- Hyatt Regency
    4- Delta Air Lines
    5- not sure
    6- Slippin' Falls
    7- 21
    8- Norway
    9- International Gateway
    10- not sure
    11- warning becon needed on higher buildings ? lightening planes etc
    12- not sure
    13- can see it but cant think lol
    14- not sure
    15- 150
    16- not sure
    17- not sure
    18- pod
    19- Nautilus Theater
    20- 32 passengers per train
    21- The road that runs outside (frount) of seaworld is called sea harbor drive jen and the actual car park area (internal kind of roads around the park entrances/exit roads and staff roads ) is called sea world drive is that were u were gettin mixed up?
    22- cant remember
    23- Chinese Fireball and Hungarian Horntail
    24- Brodo Asogi
    25- not sure around 65mph
    26- ripsaw falls
    27- Gwazi
    28- Tanganyika Tidal Wave
    29- Egypt
    30- the bomb
    31- walkabout waters
    32- Summit plummit
    33- shark pool/area
    34- i ride trolley
    35- not sure
    36- La Nouba
    37- Mall at Millenia
    38- not sure
    39- Orlando Magic
    40- Memorial Highway

    no bonus points as i havent got a clue lol
  10. Universal Forever

    Universal Forever New Member

    off the top of my head:
    1.McCoy Airforce Base
    3. Hyatt
    4. ? Pan-am
    5. ?
    6. Slippin Falls
    7. twenty
    8. ? Mexico
    9. International Gateway
    10. Tomorrows Road
    11. because it is 13 stories high
    12. G Force
    13. no idea
    14. no idea
    15. ? 600
    16. ?
    17. Countdown to Extinction
    18. Pod
    19. Nautilus
    20. 50
    21. International Drive
    22. Bill Paxton
    23. Chinese Fireball and Hungarian Horntail
    24. Green Planet
    25. 55mph
    26. Ripsaw
    27. Gwazi
    28. Tangzanika Tidal Wave
    29. Egypt
    30. The Bombbay
    31. ?
    32. Summit Plummit
    33. The Shark Reef
    34. I-Ride
    35. ?? but I want to know...
    36. La Naibama (poor spelling)
    37. Mall at Millenia (Mrs Universal's favourite unfortunately!!)
    38. Key West
    39. Orlando Magic
    40. Irla Bronsoon

    A storm came accross the sea
    No-one on board was able to flee
    all faced a watery doom
    except they came to Typhoon Lagoon..
    (I can vaguely remember the kids shouting out something like that last year!!)

    I would be disappointed if I got any of the Universal questions wrong!!
  11. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    im not going to put the scores on yet for these 2 sets of answers or for any more we may get as then too many maybe able to work out whats right and whats not but well done for having a go and your scores will be put on by weds when i give out the answers
  12. oxo

    oxo DoingFlorida Associate

    i just know im there so no use me trying to answer those ?
  13. disney sharon

    disney sharon DoingFlorida Associate

    We think the following.....but its a toughie.

    1) McCoy Air Force Base

    2) Mickeys Corporate Office

    3) Hyatt

    4) TWA?

    5) Vending machine at Aunt Polly's

    6) don't know

    7) 22 ( I know this is correct as counted them on this last visit.......how lucky was that :D)

    8) Norway and Morocco.....sure these both don't light up:confused:

    9) International Gateway

    10) Communicore

    11) don't know

    12) Planes flying overhead, 199ft is highest it can be.

    13) Mojave

    14) SS down the hatch

    15) 500

    16) don't know

    17) Countdown to extinction

    18) Pod

    19) don't know

    20) 32

    21) International Drive

    22) don't know

    23) don't know

    24) don't know

    25) 60mph

    26) Ripsaw falls

    27) don't know

    28) don't know

    29) don't know

    30) don't know

    31) don't know

    32) Summit plummet

    33) Shark area

    34) I Ride trolley

    35) Ghiradellis at Downtown Disney

    36) La Nouba

    37) Mall at Millenia

    38) Key West

    39) Orlando Magic

    40) Irlo Bronson Memorial highway
  14. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    you are all getting there but not quite, scores are higher than the bbq surprised only one attempt at the poem thought you would all know this
  15. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    anymore people want to have a go at this quiz, im putting the answers on tomorrow ,so this is your last chance to show how clever you are.
  16. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    the answers are on the thread "anymore for this quiz"

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