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(VIDEO) Disney World Trip - Day 6.1 - Disney & Black Friday Shopping

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by LivingTheDream, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. LivingTheDream

    LivingTheDream Active Member

    Hey all,
    After a couple of illnesses, we're back on track with our holiday and head out to do some shopping!

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  2. winnie72

    winnie72 Well-Known Member

    Earl of sandwich is one of my favourites. I like shopping but not sure I could be bothered with these crowds in Black Friday. I don't remember it being as busy as that the year I was in King of Prussia on Black Friday
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  3. kareneff

    kareneff Well-Known Member

    Those sandwiches looked really good. The Black Friday crowds and parking were crazy, wouldn’t like to go there then.

    DAVE&JEN Well-Known Member

    The sandwiches look good. Love the Disney store. Can’t be doing with crowds like that wouldn’t bother going.
  5. Disney Debbie

    Disney Debbie Active Member

    Amazing video. We were there on Black Friday in 2016 and successfully managed to avoid the shopping. Interestingly, quite a few stores keep the Black Friday deals on past the day itself so we did manage to pick up some bargains.

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